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greens & produce
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Nutrient-Dense greens, herbs and other organic farm products delivered straight to your dock (Solarte or Bastimentos) on the day of harvest. We harvest early morning and deliver within hours to guarantee maximum freshness.
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Submit your order by 12pm Monday- Friday to be delivered within 24hs

3) Delivered to your Dock

We will harvest your order on the same day we deliver it. As fresh as it gets!

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Newest Products from the farm

100% Organic, 100% local

Everything we grow is organic, free of chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. Grown under the Solarte sun and rain and fertilized using our own farm-made compost.
  • What areas do you deliver to?

    We believe food should travel from farm to table, to be as fresh and nutritious as possible. We only intend on serving the local community, including Isla Solarte, Bahia Honda, Red Frog, Old Bank, and Bocas Town.

  • Is there a minimum order?

    We have an order minimum of $25 dollars.

  • How much is the delivery?

    We offer free delivery directly to your dock on: Isla Solarte, Red Frog, Bahia Honda, Bocas Town, and Old Bank.

  • How can I pay for my order?

    We accept cash on delivery. If you need to arrange a different payment method please get in touch.

  • Do you serve Hotels & Restaurants?

    If you have a hotel or restaurant and would like to get organic produce please get in touch to see if we can accommodate you.

  • What growing practices do you use?

    We implement many different practices at our farm, some of our growing methods, systems, and features include:

    • Permaculture, agroforestry, regenerative farming, holistic farming, syntropic farming, Korean natural farming

    • 100% Organic and Chemical Free

    • Free-range animals

    • Humane animal harvesting

    • Aquaponic System

    • 100% Solar powered farm

Free Delivery

We Harvest early mornings and delivery the same day. As fresh as it gets.

We will deliver your order within 24hrs of receiving your order.

Our sauces are Organic

and Hot as F#ck! 🔥

Try our Organic Hot Sauces

We make organic hot sauces and pestos made from ingredients from our own farm, grown organically and locally on Solarte Island. We offer different styles of sauces including fermented Louisiana-style hot sauce, Caribbean-style hot sauce, Italian Style Pesto and more.

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Minimum order $25

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Made with ❤️  in Solarte - Bocas del Toro

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